Sunday, December 23, 2007


I can only imagine that it is due to the time of the year but lately I have found myself reflecting on all the things that I have been blessed with. This year I have been extremely lucky for most of my blessings have come in the form of people; people that have touched my life and have made it so much better.

I am most grateful and most lucky to be blessed with two wonderful, amazing and supportive parents. If it was not for them believing in me and standing by my side I would not be where I am today.

My mother is an amazing woman. She not only supports my father, my sister and me, but she is always there to lend a hand to her mother or a dear friend. If someday I can be half the mother she is, I will have achieved more than I can ever imagine. On top of all that she has now proven that she can be a wonderful and loving grandmother. (That includes a grandmother to Simon and Milo)

My father....what can I say about my father. To me he is one of the most amazing human beings I have ever had the honor of knowing. He has achieved so much; a doctor, kayaker, writer, photographer, black belt in judo, sailor...... I could keep going on. However, his most impressive achievement is having been and continuing to be an incredible father.

On top of those two unbelievable family members I was also blessed with being the little sister of Carri, a.k.a Kiki.

There have been times where I could have killed her. There have been times in which I thought I would never speak to her again, but she is my life. I would do anything for my sister and I would like to believe the same hold trues for her. I look up to her and look towards her for support. It brings me great joy when she tells me that she loves me and even bigger joy when i get to see her. She also blessed me this year with making me an aunt.

I think the picture says it all.

Lastly, my most important, amazing, wonderful, memorable, blessing came on October 21st. I got to marry Ben,

He is the most outstanding man. I don't look up to him; I look towards him. I look towards him for support and advice. He is truly my equal. I am thankful everyday that he married me and that I get to spend the rest of my life with him. I hope someday he can realize what he means to me and how much having him in my life is a blessing. More over, I hope he knows he is my life.

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Silbs said...

You are a blessing.My joy comes from seeing yours. You have become a Person in the fullest sense of the word, and I am terribly proud of you.