Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Our Friend Darwin

All though Darwin is often misquoted, he basically came up with the concept of survival of the fittest. This meaning those who can adapt well to their surrounding environment will survive and ultimately the weak will be weeded out of the gene pool. In today's society this concept is not seen in practice that much since the human species has even allowed the weak to adapt to the environment with little effort via air conditioning, heat, rain coats and protection from mother nature in general. However, I say it is time we give Darwin and our gene pool a hand and bring about the modern concept of survival of the fittest.
Of course we cannot take all the humans in the world, throw them into the wilderness with no tools and see who survives. But what about our modern wilderness? By modern wilderness I mean the harsh streets where cars whiz by wildly at 40 or even 50 mph. Once again today's society has allowed the weak to survive, for even someone who cannot outrun a Suburban can simply use a crosswalk. So what if we change survival of the fittest to survival of the smartest? One would think someone with a basic knowledge of the world, cars are bigger then humans and tend to be faster, could figure out that using a crosswalk is the best means to ensure their survival. (Just hang in there. I am going somewhere with this) Therefore, if someone lacks this basic knowledge they most likely will run out in the middle of the street in front of an oncoming car. When I see this happen I believe there is no reason why the car should not hit the imbecile who could not figure out that walking an extra 20 feet and using the crosswalk would have been the wiser and safer option. If we were allowed to use our automobile to eliminate these idiots, the human species would be able to weed out the dumb and ultimately raise the intelligence amongst our gene pool.
Or perhaps I am just your typical pissed off human with little or no patience for anything.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

True Love

There is no remedy for love but to love more.
-Henry David Thoreau

So how can one know if they are truly in love? One might say you can tell by gazing into each other's eyes or if you get butterflies in your stomach when they touch you. But after years and years of wondering I have finally found the way of figuring out if you are truly in love with someone. For I am madly in love with my boyfriend Ben and I know he truly loves me too for he was willing to help me clean up after my dog was sick. And when I say sick I mean sick in the worse kind of way.

You would assume I would need no more evidence to prove that Ben and I are in love but there is tons more, such as he helps me out, drives two hours to see me and so on. One of the most important pieces of evidences is that we can enjoy each other's company as I peel off his dead skin from his sun burnt shoulders.

Now if that isn't true love what is?