Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Plants are dying, babies are crying

I realize my audience is looking for words of wisdom but all I can promise right now are just words.

This weekend was spent in Chicago attending Lollapalooza. The two highlights, besides spending time with Ben, was seeing the Flaming Lips and Matisyahu. Although the Flaming Lips put on an amazing, and I mean AMAZING performance, Wayne, the lead singer, decided to voice his opinion on world politics. Wayne, being a political analyst, wait.... he is a singer, said how wonderful it would be if Israel would stop it's bombing. I did not become angry over what he said but the fact that he said it. A music event, and just music in itself should unit people. This three day event was for people all over and from all different backgrounds to come together and enjoy something they love, music. I didn't pay all that money to be "educated" on the mideast conflict but to merely be entertained. All was redeemed when I saw Matisyahu the next day. Not only an amazing performance but an uplifting and reassuring one.

On a said note, my plant died. A plant my loving boyfriend gave to me has passed on. I pronounced it dead early today and will "bury" sometime tomorrow. I hope everyone will say a prayer in honor of my plant.

Thank you.